Desire of Mind

“Consider two men who desire to become great runners. Each has the same ability if both are normal at birth, but great desire gives a greater horsepower to ability than a lesser desire. The greater the desire the greater the … Continued

The Word was Made Flesh

The Word was Made Flesh Most of us grow up believing the religious traditions and teachings that were instilled in us by our parents and pastors/preachers/priests/rabbis, etc. If we were born into a Jewish family we are more than likely … Continued

Shame on Noah!

Shame on Noah! This article may be offensive to some because it dares to break the boundary of traditional Christian letter teaching (literal interpretations). It also exposes Noah doing something far more serious than imbibing too many wine coolers in … Continued


Note: Today is a new day and it gives me great joy to once again be writing and posting articles. In doing so, I decided to begin afresh with a new website I call One Liberty Place. You will find … Continued